Technic Support


    Ⅰ. We provide research of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and apply for technical service


      scientific innovative medicine consignable company
    preliminary stage

    After undertaking consigned research and development, to provide process route and related technological data

    Complete small experiment research

    Low research cost, do not pay until success, low risk

    medium stage

    Complete pilot scale production, provide kg level sample product
    Help to complete declaration work

    Reliable technical support
    Accelerate declaration speed of new drug
    Improve success rate of declaration


    late phase

    Provide unique N-2 and N-3 intermediate
    Help to complete production

    Stable material supply
    Technical support
    Optional for other products



    IIWe provide customized development service for new drugs and key intermediates, including, new route development, pilot scale and large scale production. We have complete production and experiment equipment and testing instrument, such as, LC-MS, GC-MS and so on. We are professional in multi-step synthesis of raw material and natural products. We are good at low-temperature, carbon- carbon bond, carbon-nitrogen bond reaction.

    (1)Full synthesis of natural cephalotaxus fortune ester base (independent design of route, under application of patent)

    (2)New type C hepatitis virus(HCV) inhibitor (Boceprevir,1(Sch 503034)) key intermediate preparation

    (3)Full synthesis of Flumatinib, drug for leukemia

    III. We provide optimizing service for production technique of fine chemicals to reduce cost and improve quality.


    Custom Manufacturing

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